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Joy of the Widow's Tears Coming June 2020

Joy of the Widow's Tears

The murder victims and the missing persons seemed like unrelated cases until it's discovered that they have become zombies with strange powers. For Constable Inspector Reva Lunaria, solving the case is that much harder since she's been suspended. It will take some unlikely allies to save Tenyl from the undead.
No Place That Far Coming July 2020

No Place That Far

J.D. Hooper has done many evil deeds - murder, assault, and arson - for powerful men. Now he's on the run in the American Southwest, hounded by the law and haunted by his own memories. Can a man run away from trouble, from himself? There ain't no place that far.

The Ascension Machine Coming September 2020

The Ascension Machine

Grey shouldn't be at the Justice Academy, a college for superheroes from across the galaxy. Despite lying about everything, including his name, Grey finds a home at the Academy. When the person he is impersonating is kidnapped, Grey must face the truth and decide: can he be a superhero?
Kale is a Four-Letter Word Coming September 2020

Kale is a Four-Letter Word

Kale is a Four-Letter Word is a light-hearted collection of stories that feature this trendy vegetable. Included are tales of kale's role in human relationships, a speculative history of kale, and horror stories. Accompanied by illustrations and recipes, this book is fun for everyone, whether they like kale or not.

Recently Released from Artemesia Publishing

Untouchable Untouchable

Saul's life literally changed when Al Capone murdered him, and he was reborn as a vampire. But being a vampire isn't what he expected, and an offer from Capone to answer Saul's many questions about being one of the living dead comes at a price Saul is unwilling to pay.
Oakwood Island: The Awakening Oakwood Island: The Awakening

A community beset by an ancient curse and stricken from within by an unseen terror is about to face evil once more. As old mysteries resurface with deadly consequences one man must determine if he can summon the courage to save the island from an ancient evil.

Scattering the Ashes Scattering the Ashes

Sam Holmes' simple life as an 8th grade history teacher and training for the New York City Marathon is changed forever when his father suddenly passes away. Now, to earn his inheritance, Sam must undertake his father's unique quest to scatter his ashes in different places. When Sam meets Rachel Parker on one of these trips his life takes another radical turn. But a looming contract dispute at work may end Sam's budding romance with Rachel and derail his hopes of running in his first marathon. The critical decisions that Sam must make will impact the rest of his life.

The Cactus Plot The Cactus Plot

Hired by the Bureau of Land Management to survey threatened and endangered plants, Millie Whitehall travels to the sparse and harsh environment of northwest New Mexico's high desert. Her job of protecting the endangered San Juan Cactus is overshadowed by two murders on the BLM land. When autopsy reports reveal that the seemingly unrelated deaths involve plants, Millie uses her skills as a botanist to discover the real culprit.

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